Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Limited On What I Write: Part 1

I tried a fantasy. It's a novella length story about a kid that has a ghost companion that fights an Aztec vampire. It was very difficult to write because I had to make my own rules. Often times I caught myself writing something like this: "I don't know how a ghost would do that, but he did." I would get too concerned with explaining what probably didn't need to be described. So it just sits there waiting for some creative spark to keep it alive.

My problem is the rules. I get lost on certain tangents. I got to do some beta reading for my cousin-in-law's upcoming sequel (which is going to be awesome). But as I thought about a certain aspect of the story I asked her these questions:

"(it's hard for) someone like me (ADHD, INTP) on the tangent of what constitutes the underwater economic system of money and trade. Do they have a universal trade agreement?  Or does an Atlantean have to purchase foreign units of money to trade with a Hawaiian? What are the imports and exports between colonies? Would they be called colonies, territories, states, provinces? They have royalty but is it a parliamentary form of government? Is there a tax system? Do the Krypteia also constitute a type of Internal Revenue Service?"

She didn't ever really answer those questions. But she wrote a YA Fantasy book, so none of that is very important to the plot anyway. Though I'm still waiting for the answers. That's right, Tara, I'm still waiting for the answers.

I was able to write some fan fiction for her series. Which again is a YA Fantasy, something I already tried and failed on my own. I didn't understand at first how using her world was easier than coming up with my own world. Until I realized that I need rules. Using the set rules from Hiding Haelo, I could come up with almost anything within those boundries. A family connection to the author made things a little easier too.

So I had to analyze the many, many genres out there for me to write from.

From urban, YA, children's, to completely different worlds with elves and orcs. This is a no go. I want to write and get the story developed and then call it a day. Building new aspects to the existing world like Rowling, or completely different universes like Tolkien, this isn't going to happen. Too much research and back tracking into my rules and then developing the rules along with the story.


While my book has romance, it's not the "he swooped across the room ripping off his shirt" kind of romance. That, and I'm a dude. So ...(gags wildly) not happening.

Way too much research and world building. Instead of building one world, I may have to build dozens to hundreds of worlds. Not to mention I should know things like how spaceships deal protecting themselves from cosmic rocks and stuff.

Historical Fiction
While His-Fi is my favorite genre to read, I can't write it. I've tried too many times. I research the crap out of the event or the time, only to be burned out by the subject when it's time to start writing the story.

To be continued...

To Ink and Blood!

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  1. Tyson, you shall have your answers! Bahahahaha, I had no idea you really wanted them!