Monday, April 10, 2017

When Beast Mode Isn't Available

Following my last post, I have to come clean about something. I haven't written in beast mode for about four months! It's a great feeling, but isn't always available. Plus, writing in beast mode doesn't mean that what was written is even any good. In fact, it was quite terrible. So editing my work proved to do more to kill my creativity. When I finished my first edit I was too focused on writing good the first time, that I didn't really write. That is until I found the following nugget:

Who of us hasn't seen Finding Forrester? But that was years ago and I glazed over this part. There are two pearls in this clam. One, write now, fix it later. The second is what I have been trying recently that, while it hasn't turned beast mode back on, has gotten me at least typing.

I copy someone's work every morning. I have my own google doc where I copy a page from good writers. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Jane Austin, and Kafka have all been blatantly copied. I figured that if I want to write something good, then I need to write something good.

It's like lifting weights. If you want to lift heavy, you have to lift heavy. I haven't seen a drastic improvement in my writing. But I can grind out a bunch of words by getting my fingers "punching" early in the morning before everyone is up.

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