Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Writing Is Like Having An Ugly Baby

We've all seen one. There are some ugly babies out there. And we sometimes marvel at how blind their parents are to it.

My writing is like my ugly baby. At my ANWA meeting I read something that I just knew was going to have everyone rolling on the floor in hysterics. When I finished reading for everyone, there were crickets. You know nothing good is about to start when someone says, "Um. . . I liked it . . ."

It was just a flash fiction that I laughed about as I wrote. But everyone informed me that they saw the punchline coming from pretty much the beginning of the piece. I was a little let down, not at anyone else, but that what I saw in my mind wasn't what I put on paper.

It's probably safe to assume. Anything I write is like an ugly baby.

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