Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Could this be good or bad?

I chuckled with superiority as I walked down the shelves of Deseret Book. Not a single cover looked to be similar to my book. No one was writing what I was writing. And I'm walking around like:

One of the questions in the submission process was what make my book different. So I was all too glad to tell Deseret Book/Covenant/Cedar Fort just how unique my book is. A non-Mormon showing up in predominantly Mormon town all so he could win the money from a weight loss competition?

Do you stock anything like that on your shelves?

A few days after I submitted my manuscript, my world came crashing down with one simple terrifying thought.

Maybe they don't sell anything like my book, because it doesn't sell?

That's when I felt like this:

What if Deseret Book is filled with period romance novels and WWII historical fiction because that's all Mormons want to read?

I guess I'll find out eventually.

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