Thursday, May 25, 2017

Doing What I Hate

Publishers ask a very difficult question right as you submit your work.

But there is one question that the big three Mormon publishers Deseret Book, Covenant, and Cedar Fort all ask.

"What is your marketing plan?"

Then you need to fill out what you are going to do as the author to market your book. And I assumed that putting down, "you putting it on your bookshelves," wasn't going to be a sufficient answer.

So I talked about making an author page, boosting posts, giveaways based on shares, and all the other stuff you see businesses do on Facebook. So I made an author page and came up with a whole bunch of things to post, and boost, and share. It's been a weeks since I've had the page up and running.

There's something weird about a Facebook author page. You aren't selling a product or service. You are only selling your name. Maybe if I had an actual book that would be different. But right now, I'm paying Facebook to tell the world that I write. It feels weird, vain, self-centered, and a little dirty. But I've seen the "marketing" that publishers do for their authors and one single social media post and a book signing doesn't seem like it will cut it.

The other problem is if my book is rejected. I'll have to self-publish and then my social media presence is more critical than if a publisher gives me a chance. So sucked it up and made the weird, vain, self-centered, dirty page.

Because if no one else is going to do it for me, that leaves only one man for the job.

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