Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Libraries are for Losers

Boom! Click bait!

Libraries are not for losers, BUUUUUUUT!

Hello, my name is Tyson, and I'm a recovering cheap book buyer!

I used to find anyway possible to avoid paying full price for a book. I'd do the Amazon 1¢ plus shipping books. The guys at Bookman's and Half Price Books almost knew me by name. Obviously I frequented the Library. I'd download samplers to get as much book as possible without paying.

Now that I've submitted my book to be considered by a couple of publishers (Deseret, Covenant, maybe Cedar Fort soon) I've completely changed my mind about cheap or free books. Writing a book is hard. Editing a book is harder. Paying an editor is hardest. I hope people find my novel of value, and want to pay full price.

Although, this looks like an awesome library to hang out in for hours or days.

So I made a new rule for myself. If the author is alive, I promise to now try to pay in full for their book. Sometimes on Amazon they don't have the actual book from the publisher. So if for example, I have to buy a book for a class and there is no option to really buy a new copy that would benefit the author I might get the cheaper one. But starting now . . . okay I mean now. I'm paying in full for books.

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