Thursday, May 4, 2017

Panic Attack

I'm having a panic attack right now. My heart is pounding, my shoulders suddenly tightened up, I can't stop bouncing my leg.

Why did I do it? Why did I submit my book? What if they hate it? What if it's a flat out rejection, and I indie publish and then my wife dies, leaving me with three girls whose only consolation is the weekend at grandma and grandpa's cabin on the bay in Rhode Island . . . GAH! I just stole the plot from Dan In Real Life!

Now my head hurts from slamming it on my desk.

And what if no one ever wants to read it? The time writing it, all the begging for betas, money spent editing it, writing a blog about writing, it would all be gone! And then I'm mid-life with no real education and I "followed my passion" and then broke!

Why did I do this!?!

Not that I'm going to start, but I think I get why Fitzgerald and Hemingway were always drunk.

1 comment:

  1. Ty-son! Ty-son! Ty-son!

    Be proud! You're awesome! You've come farther than 99% of the people who say "I've always wanted to write a book..."