Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Nervous Twitch Has Disappeared

The moment my book went through it's final edit, my eye WOULD NOT stop twitching. The muscle above my left eye socket just beneath my eyebrow got in a full week's worth of spasms. There was only one thing to do. Somehow, I knew that only submitting my book to Covenant and Deseret Book would cure the twitch.

After all, why did I write it? Let me try that again, writing it was pure joy, why did I beg almost all my Facebook friends to beta read it? Why did I read it four times to clean it up? Why did I spend over four hundred dollars editing it? I birthed this book to share with the world, or at least a small niche market.

So that little muscle was begging me to get on Deseret and Covenant to finally, after years of dreaming about it, submit a finished story to a publisher.

The very afternoon after I submitted it, the twitch was gone. That's right everyone, I am now a submitted author. Not that that's a thing, but two publishers are going to read my story with the thought of determining if it is something worth putting on paper. I DID IT!

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