Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You published THAT book?

You know those times you feel like an idiot and your face goes:

I may not have done my research on a certain publisher. The Mormon market has "The Big Three." Deseret Book, Covenant (although owned by DB), and Cedar Fort. I thought Cedar Fort was the B-League publisher. And while they don't get their book on the Seagull and Deseret Book shelves as much, they do get them on.

Now the reason I'm an idiot is that I thought they only got their books to the independent LDS bookstores listed on their site, bookstores I've never heard of. Well I failed to see where they market and they have some books in Barnes and Noble. All of them are on Amazon. A bunch are in Deseret Book Stores.

It all came about when I walked through Deseret Book one afternoon examining the market. Huh, I said to myself. A book about a Mormon mom with tattoos? That's different.  And that was that until just last week. Having heard nothing from Deseret Book or Covenant in a month (even though they promised it would probably take longer than four months to get back to me) I looked up Cedar Fort's publications. And their best seller is? A now familiar display of tattoos on a cover that I remember seeing on the shelf of a Deseret Book. So I compared a number of books that were published by Cedar Fort and currently can be found in our favorite Mormon book stores.

So here it goes. I've just submitted to Cedar Fort. Now I get to keep waiting for months to hear from another gate keeper.

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