Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I Heart Gatekeepers

The word, Gatekeepers, has become a bad word. All the do it your selfers, self helpers, and "entrepreneurs" have painted these people and this word with disdain. But a gatekeeper is not someone that is out to destroy a dream. They are usually hired to keep a company's doors open.

A gatekeeper is someone like an agent, talent scout, record label, TV/Movie Studio, or a publisher. These entities take enormous risk in printing and developing. Someone has to sit there and say, "yes, we will produce this because it will likely make money." Or, "No, we think this will not sell and ultimately cost us money."

Right now, I'm waiting to hear from the gate keepers. It would be irrational to think that an editor is going to fly down and visit me, offering piles of money, and tell me my book is perfect as it is, and they'll publish within a month. Not that I don't wish that would happen.

Last week I flew into Salt Lake and travelled all over Utah for work (very different from my Arizona). One day I had just enough time to eat lunch in the Joseph Smith memorial building. Then I ran over to the flagship Deseret Book. The store was filled with all the stuff that I could already get in Gilbert. There is one difference. It was exciting to walk in and think that just above me someone was going to make a decision about me, about my words.

These gatekeepers, if they accept, will try their best to make my book a success. Gatekeepers want my book to sell. And if they sell it, I get something.

So thank you gate keepers.

Of course, I'd really appreciate it if you flew down, offered me piles of money, and told me my book is perfect as is, and you'll publish within the month.

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