Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The City That Probably Sleeps

I think I felt it.

You that "it" feeling that people describe about New York?

I felt it in the unlikeliest of places. Salt Lake City stirred me. I didn't want to leave as the plane rushed forward for take off. Maybe it was because somewhere in one of those granite buildings next to Temple Square, someone is about to read my book. Maybe it was because it is the epicenter of the Mormon world and I wrote a Mormon novel.

Yeah, there are plenty of places with big populations of Mormons: Rexburg, Gilbert, Mesa, Las Vegas; to name a few.

But, Utah. That is the overwhelming foundation of the Mormon book market. Literature trends are not defined by what the saints in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, or California want. Its about what the Mormons in Utah are willing to pull off the shelves of a Deseret Book.

I think that's why I felt a draw in Salt Lake. Though I live in Arizona and love living in Arizona. My fate lies in the Beehive State.

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