Monday, July 3, 2017

Red, White, and Zeta

Who's in for some good old fashion 5.56 Freedom? For your independence day check out my addition to the Candeon universe. What rings in the 4th better than shoot-outs in Syria, Athens, Spain, San Diego, and Alaska?

Click HERE for an Independence Day adventure while your waiting to watch the fireworks. See the samples below:

Bullets snapped and whizzed overhead or smashed into the boulder the rest of my fire team hid behind. Beckett and Salazar were firing back with the last of the ammo. At least Salazar was somehow able to salvage the mini gun from the smoking wreckage of the Huey.  It was going to be our ride out of there before an RPG took it down. The gun buzzed sending rounds at the damn ISIS that wanted to advance on our position. Johnson’s dead body lay next to me. I just sat there with my hand on his head looking out at the blue sea as my leg bled out.
That’s the second time I saw her pop out of the ocean.

Andrei shouted something to the other room. The door burst open. A large man holding a butcher’s knife stomped through. I started to jump to my feet, but my new friend slammed the table forward into my gut. He pinned me to the wall. As I tried to wriggle free, the huge chef grabbed me by the hair. His salty breath invaded my nose. I took a nervous gulp when the edge of his knife pressed against my neck.

Everything was still open. I pulled the pistol from my pants and slowly stepped into the hut. I turned toward our small check-in table. At the base of the table, Jesús lay face down in the sand. Blood still trickled from his neck. A few feet away lay his guitar missing a single string. Althea vomited at the sight of him.
I reached under the bottom of the table, grabbing the key taped to the wood. I dug my fingers into the sand next to the table. After a few minutes of digging I pulled out a metal case. My key snapped open the case. Another three thousand euros looked up at us. Our original passports were also inside. I stuffed everything in my clothes. It was time to run. Zeta never left us with a plan. We had to come up with that on our own.

San Diego
I looked out the window to the cars around us. The car to my right raised the hair on the back of my neck. “Guys, is that the pretty-boy that was dating Haelo?”
Both Autumn and David turned. The boy that had been sucking Haelo’s face for the past few weeks rocked back and forth in the back seat. Two men were on either side of him. One of the men shifted in his seat. When he did, the barrel of a rifle swung into view. Autumn turned her head back to the road.

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