Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Genre!

I have to admit something. I haven't quite understood what my genre is. There is no real genre or subgenre for a comedy in Mormon fiction. There is certainly historical fiction, non-fiction, period romance, and whatever you call a general authority's book.

While there are funny Mormon fiction books, there isn't exactly enough to have a real genre.

But, I finally figured out what my genre is according to Amazon.

Obviously anything at Deseret Book is going to be marketed to Mormons. But I wondered, if I have to self-publish, what I'd mark down as my field.

. . . and the verdict is:

I finally looked at the product details for Baptists At Our Barbecue and looked at the genres it falls under.

That's just helpful to know since I can study those products and see what is selling.

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