Friday, August 18, 2017

The Worst Best Book ever!

I just read a bad book.

But it was great. Because it's true.

Motivators annoy me. Especially the "Hey, people are always asking me for a tour of my house. Come look at my mansion I bought with all the money I earned from people buying my self-help book."

Yeah, this guy. And no, sir. I don't think people have ever really asked you for an MTV Cribs tour of your house.

I always wondered how people got duped into listening to people like him. Okay, I know exactly why, because I've bought stuff from people like him.

Well, Flowers From Your Mind, Lettuce In Your Wallet by Phil Carroll, just right there to the upper right of this post shows you how to become just like him. 5 easy yet sarcastic steps to become a millionaire.

You're just a few pages away from learning how to spot a fake motivator!

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