Wednesday, October 4, 2017

People Skills and Writers

I think I'm no good with people.

Two things happened to me. While I don't really like being around a lot of people, I thought I was a high functioning introvert. But maybe I'm not.


The other day I sat down at lunch at the office with my wife (yes, I work with my wife). My wife and another co-worker were talking about how when the co-worker worked at Applebee's she appreciated when the patrons used her name. My wife mentioned how she always tries to use people's names (and she does) to make them feel more human.

My reaction was to recoil in horror and my first thought was, I don't want that kind of intimacy.

The second thing was at a high school football game. My old high school played against the high school that my brother coaches for. So my brother, my daughter, and I went to go watch. My high school was dismantled and dropped in acid by my brother's team. After the game we walked across the field and saw people I hadn't seen in 15 years. One of them was a coach that is still at my high school.

I saw him and said, "Well, good game?"

He just laughed.

"But seriously, your boys never gave up and they kept fighting."

He laughed again, "Gee thanks."

I tried to recover, "They showed a lot of character out there."

"Meh, I think they quit on the line."

"Well, see ya later."

I'm awkward around people. Especially when I stare at them trying to soak in their persona's to make characters.

Writer's are weird.

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