Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dreams Don't Come True

Shut up Jiminy Crickett! Dreams don't come true when you wish on a star.

Dreams don't even come true when you work hard.

Dreams don't work.

"A Fine Conscience I turned out to be" Robert F Montoya
Writing and publishing a book is hard. Really hard. It takes more than a star and a dream. Millions of people dream about writing a book EVERY DAY. Millions of people are writing a book RIGHT NOW. Tens of thousands of people get published or independent publish EVERY YEAR. Only a few people are ever really successful (Making their living as an author). I know this because my book launch failed . . . miserably. 

Writing in general is typing keys and thinking that you've created a masterpiece. Only to find out what crap you came up with when it's time to edit. It's staring at a screen willing for plot and character development to manifest itself. It's talking to people even when you don't want to utter a single syllable. It's trying to appear chipper on social media about your book, when on the inside you are weeping, wailing, and gnashing your teeth after seeing your most recent book sales report.

I didn't think that The Fattest Mormon would become and Amazon best seller over night, but I thought it would garner more interest than it did. I did everything I learned. I was on an email list, got reviews, did a promotion, launched Facebook and Amazon ads. 

And still, a meh reception.

If you haven't noticed I've changed the format of my website. I'm also changing the tone of my website. This may be the first of many pessimistic posts. And I may have some optimistic posts, and I may even have some how to's. But right now, there are tons of blogs, vlogs, and emails out there to help you become a successful author. That is not this site. So sit back and prepare to hear the truth.

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