Tuesday, January 30, 2018

IMUO. Harry Potter . . . I Don't Get It

In My Uneducated Opinion. I don't understand Harry Potter.

Warning: I saw the movies. I did not read the books.

Here is what I got from the movies. Harry Potter sucks as a character. He's just, meh. Ron, Hermione, Ron's Family, all the professors, even Draco and his dad are all really strong characters.

But Harry? He's okay.

Rowling is exceptional at building worlds and characters. I'm positive that all of that translated to the films. The reason we can keep watching the movies is because we're excited to see what else might be introduce. Rowling introduces new magic every time that still fits with her original world, except for that stupid time travel thing that Hermione uses to save that one creature. Using that might have saved them a few different times in other books.

But I keep coming back to Harry. He doesn't really do anything. When I think about it, most of his decisions are because he has to. Yes, his friends lives are in danger about 90% of the time. But really, his own life is in danger even more. So he has no choice. All of his supporting characters are never in as much danger as he is, so they show more character when they choose to face evil. Harry just faces evil because no matter what he does, evil is coming for him. I believe that the below link shows what I'm talking about.

Though this is supposed to be the big climax of both the film and his character arc in this movie. It's really just him making a last desperate attempt because he HAS to.

Though the movies sucked, Bilbo Baggins has a clear defining choice. Stay home in peace and comfort, or follow a crazy old guy and disgusting little people. His choice is not induced. And that is what makes him a stronger character.

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