Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Indie Publishing: The Control Freak's Dream

Are you a control freak? Credit fromtheleftfield.com

So maybe it isn't that obvious, but I published my book, The Fattest Mormon, on my own. Sort of.

And when that final rejection appeared, there was at least some relief. After that "thanks, but no thanks" email I was hurt, but also relieved. I could do it all my own way. Final editing? My Call. Cover? My Call. Font? My call.

And that was one of my fears about it being accepted by a publisher. I was affraid that my character would be changed. That my voice would be restricted. That the Character Arc and Story Arc would be "improved."

So yes, from the standpoint of a control freak. Indie Publishing is FANTASTIC. But it's also terrifying. More on that next time.

And as always, The Fattest Mormon is still available on Amazon.

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