Friday, January 12, 2018

Old Man Tyson

I finally realized that I've always been an old man. Maybe this beautiful physique isn't quite ready to admit it, but I've always been an old man.

In third grade I got into a debate with a kid about taxes around the George HW Bush vs Bill Clinton presidential season.

Once in fifth grade some kid was talking to me about the insane car his dad bought. Everyone looked at me funny when I asked what the gas mileage was.

I grew out of playing outside pretty quickly. Around sixth grade I would go home, shut my bedroom door, and read.

In junior high before class started for the day; it made me so happy to show up at school and go straight to the library. It was quiet and I'd read my political cartoons.

Friday nights in High School? I just wanted to stay home. I'd go do stuff sometimes, but mostly didn't want to.

In the Marines. At MOS School nothing was better than just hanging at the barracks because everyone else wanted to leave. I had the room to myself thanksgiving. It was great.

Now I finally feel like I'm reaching the age that my true disposition has always been. With the new house I can't wait to yell at kids for being on my yard. True, this didn't have much to do with writing. I think it just explains my attitude towards life and maybe my writing.


And as always, The Fattest Mormon is still available on Amazon.

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