Everywhere A Writing Prompt!

There are websites that can generate a writing prompt for you. This one here, has a first line generator. And then there is this one that can actually produce a short short story for you. Many writers look for prompts to make their story, novel, TV show, etc. But some of the best prompts are right in front of us.

Now, it will take a wild imagination to find a Dragon Fantasy while walking with your grandmother through her rest home. But hey, Tolkien invented Middle Earth in the carnage and chaos of World War I. So anything is possible.

Websites are the least effective place to find writing prompts, because they are everywhere. Have you ever wondered what the guy at the mall in the corner hat shop thinks of the Israeli woman at the hand lotion kiosk right outside his store? What about they guy driving the huge truck next to you on the highway. Does he really know what's in his cargo? How about that hill that you always drive past? Ever wonder what's ten feet below the surface? What about twenty or fifty feet?

And then there's stuff like this on Amazon.

Some one bought a USB battery charger and then immediately bought a Live Animal Cage Trap. WHY!?! That's a story I want to know. It just proves that there are writing prompts everywhere. You just have to be creative enough, or ADHD enough to find them.

Like my writing prompt for The Fattest Mormon. A simple weight-loss competition.