Friday, February 9, 2018

The First Time I Wrote

February 9, 2003 will be a date that I'll never forget. That was the date I pulled out my new gas mask filter the moment we settled in Camp Coyote in Kuwait. I'll remember that date because that was what I wrote on a piece of green duct tape.

From there we waited to invade Iraq. We did some training, some classes, and a lot of prep. But for the most part there was a lot of down time. So at some point I thought that maybe I should write a book.

It was dark and I had my red lens "moon beam" pointed down on a notebook. Fire watch in our great big "Haji" tent was literally staying awake and watching for fire. Maybe we prevented anyone from coming in and stealing some gear, but it was primarily to wake everyone up and get them out in case the tent caught on fire.

So to stay awake I wrote.

It was a dumb cliche military thriller about the U.S. and Israel taking on the entire world. The main character was a Recon Marine. An invincible Mary Sue type that was going to change the course of the world.

Eventually, I lost some of the momentum when the actual war got in the way and I had to sit in the back of a dump truck for a few days to wait until it was my squad's turn to lay down a hose line.

 But that was the first time I picked up a pen and went for it.

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