Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Genre Killer

I've recently lost interest in a few genre's altogether. I blame really bad movies. Like really bad, poorly thought out, unimaginably boring movies that I may have anticipated a little too much.

I hadn't really thought of this until recently. Because, yes, I am a recovering Star Wars geek. And, yes, I am one of those people that absolutely despised The Last Jedi.

I'm not going to go into it because everyone else already has voiced the same feeling about how much I hated it. But I will say that immediately following that film I invested half of my 401(k) in a defense based mutual fund just to spite Rose and Finn's excellent adventure. And that has paid off.

To me though, Star Wars killed all SciFi/Fantasy for me. I had to examine what it was I hated about the movie and the realize what an absolute loser I was for getting so excited about it. All the speculation and expanded universe theories I learned all came crashing down on me forcing me to wake up and realize what a waste of time it all was.  

And then I realized it has happened before. Therefore, here are the movies that ruined entire genres for me.

As I previously mentioned

I haven't even wanted to hear the word, Elf, since.

Above and below. DC has ruined all the hard work Marvel did  for me.

True, I may have posted recently about Thor and Black Panther. But going into a comic book movie hasn't been the same since Suicide Squad/Justice League. I had all the hope in the world for both movies . . . and then hated them. I now set a low bar for comic book movies and then hope to be impressed.

Finally, this is what a Genre Killer really does. SciFi/Fantasy doesn't taste good anymore. A month after The Last Jedi I finally watched the most recent Star Trek. Meh. I couldn't look at Capt Kirk the same way. Because Star Wars had already shown me what a pathetic waste of time it all was.

Thank you Warner Brothers and Lucas Films. I've been a man for a long time. But you have now matured my taste in entertainment.

 For your entertainment, I have provided the following hour of dwarfs singing:

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