Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How To Fix Justice League - Just Watch Infinity Wars!

I know this is about 7 months late in saying this: I hated Avengers Infinity War. I also know it is probably unpopular to say it since everyone loved it. And even though I said comic book movies were dead to me previously, I still had to see it. It was about the time that Thor, Rocket, Groot, and giant Peter Dinklage did a four abreast hero walk that I finally lost interest in the movie.

Real quick about why I hated it.
1) Too many story lines. They should have focused on just Thanos' interaction with everyone or Spirit and Dr. Strange since they were the ones with the last two stones. Thor making new axe/hammer took too long, Tony and Peter father/son thing took too long, never at any point did they show any emotional connection between Thanos and Gamora and then we were just expected to buy that he really did love her? And Finally, just too long, too much.

Once I entered the third act, I felt and thought something odd. A little subconcious voice said, "I'd rather be watching Justice League."

Which was weird because in the previously linked post, I had said that it killed the genre. Last week I bought Justice League and rewatched it and it was MUCH better the second time and after seeing the Infinity War train wreck.

So nothing has changed, Infinity War has just taken the place of Justice League as the genre killer, but at least I watched Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Superman and was entertained this time.

I call this the Genre Theory Of Relativity. One movie/book may be bad, but when a worse one comes along, things get better for the former, relatively speaking.

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