Thursday, November 15, 2018

I May Have Killed A Bunch Of People

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The last six months have been interesting. And the reason I haven't blogged at all is because, well . . .

I killed a bunch of people.

Or rather I wrote about killing a lot of people. A LOT of people. From poison, to gunshots, to arrows. 

And boy, was it fun.

The first murder began with my second book in The Winnebago Chronicles. Not so much that any one died in it, as much as I made the decision to cease all work on that series (more on that later). With that fresh kill I moved on to a subject I have always wanted to write about, The Superstition Mountains.

It took awhile to get going. 

Flashback: When my Aunt Kris used to babysit me while my teacher parents were working, she would tell me and my cousin, Nick, old legends about the mysterious mountain range on the east side of the Phoenix Valley. And they have always fascinated me.

My blog absence started about seven months ago when my ANWA critique group challenged me to write a middle grade (Chapter book for kids about 9-12). I worked really hard and after a month of it going from middle grade to YA and back to MG, I remembered something kind of important: I don't even like kids. I mean, I like them, but . . .

Now that left me with an identity crisis for my character. I had fleshed out a world for my story that I didn't want to give up on. I was thinking a type of Harry Potter style kids adventure (but without magic) and already started building a mystery for the kids to solve. But since I didn't want to write for kids, it got stuck in a world with out a hero.

And then everything changed. I had always loved the TV show, Longmire. I knew there were books, but I hadn't ever even thought of reading them. Truth be told, I don't even like the mystery genre. But I heard one of Craig Johnson's audiobooks read by George Guidall and everything came together. The voice, the age, the je ne sais quois was what I was missing. 

So I knuckled down and got to work.

Things didn't flow out of me like they had for The Fattest Mormon. But almost every night from when I got home to bedtime I wrote, and at times I forced words out. I acompanied my writing time with hours worth of Dark Country playlists on youtube to reach my daily word count goal. By the beginning of September I had a mystery. For the last couple of months I've been editing (the gaggiest part of writing). The story is out to beta readers, and I've started my own line editing process. That and I've begun researching agents to query with.

And that's where I've been.

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