Monday, December 10, 2018

Real Characters

No one character can describe any of us. But I think I found the mixture that best describe me:

George Costanza - Seinfeld
Murray Goldberg - The Goldbergs
Nick Miller - New Girl

The best part about books, TV, and Movies is when we discover amazing characters. And not just characters that do or say what we wish we could. e.g. Tony Stark, Harvey Specter, Walter Longmire. But finding characters that relate to us is the most satisfying thing of all.

The reason I love the above characters is because in certain ways, they are me. And that's the best part of story making. We aren't making up people, we are reflecting 1) who we are, or 2) who we want to be.

And while I want to have the wit of Jerry Seinfeld, I make decisions like George. Though I want to be the wise intelligent Cliff Huxtable, I'm really the grouchy call-your-kids-moron Murray Goldberg. And then there's Nick. If I were a drinker I'd be nick.

That's why these types of characters will always be around, especially when the heroes fade to dust.

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