Monday, December 3, 2018

The Hero's Objective

Heroes all seem to want the same thing. And while Joseph Campbell has written in The Hero With A Thousand Face, they pretty much all go on the same journey, I think they all fight for, bleed for, and die for . . . Balance.

In almost all stories they never want to completely wipe evil off the face of whatever setting they have imagined. They simply want to go back to the way things were. Now, that is impossible because they change along the way, but they usually succeed in returning balance to other people.

Evil may want complete and utter dominance of everything, and their intentions may be good e.g. Darth Vader wants to get rid of government corruption and make people be good with a dictatorship. But the Hero seeks for people to choose for themselves, e.g. Superman wants Truth, Justice, and The American Way (Individual Freedom).

Even with Superman, the classic Batman v Superman scenario always comes back to if Superman wants to make everyone be good, he could and that sets him up as a dictator shifting his roles from good to bad.

In The Fattest Mormon my hero/heroine look for balance to operate a fitness start up while the antagonist wants to run the fitness market of the small town. Balance vs Domination.

So I contest that though the hero may have a thousand faces, but he/she all have the same goal.

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