Monday, February 22, 2021

The Massacre


The Dutchman Superstition 101

Part 1:


Yes that's the Aztec face-kicking Cortez. Relax, there aren't any images of the Peralta massacre.

So it goes without saying, right? I mean the reason the whole Spanish came to the New World. Okay, I'll say it. One simple word. 


The Spanish leveled whole civilizations for it. Their descendants couldn't rid themselves of the taste for the metal either. So it can't be a surprise that they would have gone to the ends of the Earth to find it. 

That's just what the Peraltas did. The Peraltas were a family from Northern Mexico with mines just about everywhere. Including the desert wilderness adjacent to the Salt River. The gold was pure, the cerveza cold, and the fiestas were epic. Everything was perfect.

Everything was perfect except for one tiny little inconvenient detail...

The Apache were PISSED! 

It just so happened that the desert wilderness with all the gold that the Peraltas wanted so much was also home to the gods of the Apache and the Pima. This was sacred land and all foreign scum that wanted to pollute the area should, well, die.

So one morning when the Peraltas and their workers were leaving after a very successful season desecrating all that the Apache hold holy, they happened upon a band of warriors armed to the teeth. So they turned to the left and there were more warriors, but to the right were yet more.  The Peraltas bolted.

The carnage began.

In the chaos of the running battle one or two peons found refuge but everyone else was slaughtered. The pack animals were the most valuable to the Apache and the bags and rich ore was left in a heap, since why would they want rocks with shiny yellow metal in it?

And that's the Superstition begins.

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