Monday, March 29, 2021

Superstition Case Dossier: Ray Peralta

Suspect 1

Ramon "Ray" Peralta

Home: Apache Junction, AZ

Occupations: Director/Curator of the Superstition Mountain Museum. Ranch owner.

Mode of Transportation: Toyota Tundra 

Distinguishing Features: Brown eyes, red facial hair, brown hair, brown eyes. Missing left ear and a Van Dyke goatee.

Known associates: Claridade Tavares-Friend and Ranch Hand. Jim Holmes-Friend, Blacksmith, and married to Ray's Cousin. Felicity Holmes-Ray's Cousin and neighbor. Doug Holmes-Ray's former best friend, blacksmith. Tiffany Holmes-Ray's high school sweetheart, married to Doug Holmes. Larry Fitzgibbons-Maricopa County Detective assigned to the Superstition Wilderness Area. Beth Gutierrez-desk attendant at the museum. Bubs Richardson-prospector, claim in an undisclosed location. Old Ann-surname unknown. Desert hermit.

Ramon "Ray" Peralta has no connection to the Peraltas of the Dutchman fame but don't let that fool you. Ray could forget more things about the Superstition Mountain Wilderness that other people will ever learn. He is seemingly always in the right place and the right time when it comes to the crimes and murders committed in search of Dutchman Gold. His past as a twice deployed Marine Corps Reservists and his time spent in the desert makes him formidable with weapons, hand to hand fighting, and desert navigation. Ray always carries a handgun and has little trust for strangers.

If attempting to apprehend be cognizant of his many connections in the area. Not only could he disappear in the desert but he could call on his many friends and even enemies to help hide.

Ray is self-deprecating and, but don't let that fool you. He is clever and has solved his share of crimes even cashing in on county rewards.

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