Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Superstition Case Dosier: Clancy Tavares

 Suspect 2

Claridade "Clancy" Tavares

Home: Apache Junction, AZ

Occupation: Rancher for Ray Peralta

Mode of Transportation: Horse, Rides with Ray Peralta

Distinguishing Features: Black, brown eyes, black hair, brown eyes. 

Known associates: Ray Peralta- Friend and Ranch Owner. Jim Holmes-Friend, Blacksmith, and married to Ray's Cousin. Felicity Holmes-Ray's Cousin and neighbor. Doug Holmes-Friend, blacksmith. Tiffany Holmes-Friend, married to Doug Holmes. Larry Fitzgibbons-Maricopa County Detective assigned to the Superstition Wilderness Area. Bubs Richardson-prospector, claim in an undisclosed location. Old Ann-surname unknown. Desert hermit.

Clancy Tavares has an unknown history previous to his immigration to the US from Brazil in 2006. He is an avid reader and always has a Greco-Roman classic nearby. The only thing for certain is that the locals consider him the best horseman in the area that is not a veterinarian. It is not uncommon to find horses that belong to neighbors quartered at the Peralta ranch during medical recovery. His primary source of income is catching wild horses, taming them, and then selling them back to the state.

According to the locals Clancy is the best shot in the area. With ethical hunting trophies from great distances.  Always consider Clancy to be heavily armed at all times.

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